Food waste is now a worldwide topic, profit food to help another persons like us is a sign of fraternity, and we desire start in San Miguel and as well in Mexico, a new community awareness.


Sibel PINTO is a chef, culinary instructor, researcher, and author of an award winning book. She is a specialist in Turkish and Sephardi cuisines.

Pinto is also the founder of the international social project Action Kashkarikas.

This non-profit initiative aims to raise awareness on food waste and food loss.

Proceeds from this fundraising dinner hosted by Chef José BOSSUET will be donated to the humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger.

Join us for this enjoyable dinner experience and help to SAVE A LIFE TODAY!


5 courses dinner with Drinks

* Beer , Wine & Mezcal


Zucchini peels ‘kashkarikas’, olive oil-lemon juice-garlic salsa, fresh herbs

We use the peels of zucchini to prepare this delicious appetizer. This is the emblem dish of our mission!


1st starter:

Red lentil and bulgur bites, fresh herbs, pomegranate sauce and seeds


2nd starter:

Fish marinated in a creamy egg-lemon sauce ‘agristada’

Fish rests are cooked in a creamy, lemony sauce


Main course:

Fried leek and meat balls on a slowly cooked spicy tomato-pepper-rice stew ‘armiko’, potato-cheese chips

We make use of the green parts of leeks, mature tomatoes and the potato peels to prepare the main course.



Bossuet & Pinto in a sweet Mexican-Turkish interpretation


Turkish coffee and Turkish delight


$980 par person, service is not included.

Tickets in Advance.

Café Contento, Hernández Macías 72, Plaza Golondrina, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Tel. 4151548020

Further information: Martha Alfaro





I was deeply concerned to see how much food was wasted in the kitchens I worked. All those fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, bakery that was put into trash whereas it was completely possible to turn them into delicious and healthy food! One third of all food produced globally (around 1.3 billion tons per year) for human consumption is wasted and around 1 billion people go to bed hungry every night! I had to react and do something!

Thus I decided to initiate a social responsibility project. We, cooks have the opportunity to have a significant impact on reducing food waste and food loss at the source by becoming more engaged, creative and focused. I’m coming from a culture where food has great value, it’s considered a blessing. My parents urged me to finish everything on my plate or take only the amount that I can finish. Both of my grandmothers cooked for large families and with limited budgets. That was the case of all women of a generation; they had to be intelligent and creative! Action Kashkarikas is also a tribute to my Grandma Eliza and to all the women who put their hearts to create tasty food with edible waste.

Action Kashkarikas is determined to raise awareness, to battle food waste,to transmit to new generations to appreciate food in all its forms and to donate the collected funds to Action against hunger.



Action Kashkarikas© is an international social responsibility initiative to raise awareness on food waste and food loss. We would like to contribute to raise awareness, to teach, to learn and to share best practices in food waste prevention.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, one third of all food produced globally (around 1.3 billion tons per year) for human consumption is wasted. Wasting food is not only an ethical, a social and an economical issue but it also depletes our environment of limited natural resources.

We want to prevent food waste, to show ways to improve our practices & attitudes about waste and, to strengthen sustainability of the food system. We want to successfully utilize the food waste like fruit and vegetable trimmings, peels, left-overs, low cost ingredients, and recycle food scraps as an exciting food adventure and a most enjoyable dining experience.

We give conferences, do workshops and organize fundraising dinners. We work with the local universities, cooking schools, associations, restaurants, kitchen teams and directly with the consumer. We use local ingredients, we cook tasty, we teach how, we waste less, we eat healthier, we save money, and we contribute to the environment.

The mission consists of very up-to-date subjects: food waste, hunger, ecology. Our hosts will benefit greatly from the prestigious local and international coverage of our mission. By working together, we can make small changes that collectively have a big impact for a better world.


Why Kashkarikas?

We called our mission kashkarikas because is the emblem dish of the traditional Turkish-Sephardi cuisine using the peels of zucchini, which we learnt from Grandma Eliza who passed away recently. This is also a tribute to her and to all the women who put their hearts to feed their families with little and cheap ingredients. (The word also means ‘peels’ in Spanish language – cáscaras)

Who are we?

Sibel Pinto is a cook, instructor, author, lecturer, and food ambassador. She has more than 20-years’ experience in food industry and specializes in Turkish and Sephardi cuisines. Henri Pinto is a communications manager, specialized in digital marketing. He has a 30-years carrier in healthcare industry working to improve the well-being of people.

We are passionate about authentic home cooking. We are interested in the stories behind food, as we believe that the best food is rooted in tradition. We love slow cooking like our grandmothers used to, taking the time and effort in preparing. We have a creative and inspirational approach to food but we prefer to keep them ‘home made’ rather than overly professional.  We use peels, scraps and low-cost ingredients to cook delicious, healthy comfort food.


Our mission is supported by Okan University Gastronomy Department Istanbul, Turkey.


As we are involved in the battle against poverty and hunger, the mission aims to collect 5.000 US$ for the humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger. The financial source for raising this fund will be the admission/participation fees to the workshops and dinners that will be organized locally in each country and, personal and institutional donations. The proceeds will be transferred after deduction of expenses.

This is a non-profit project. We are opting for the project to auto-finance itself. Thus it is essential that costs be kept to a minimum. We will appreciate all support, voluntary work and all kinds of donations.


Through our project we aim at taking part in a challenge around food loss and food waste and get the opportunity to contribute:

-to prevent and reduce food losses and food waste,

-to improve eating ethically,

-to food sustainability,

-to protect the eco-system,

-to transmit our know-how to young generations,

-to accomplish a humanitarian objective for hunger prevention around the world


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